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How to Easily Booting Windows 8 in Safe Mode?

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Simple to Upgrade Samsung SGH i780 Firmware Windows Mobile 6.1
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Samsung SGH i780 is a smartphone which is come at the first market with Windows Mobile Professional 6.0. Now Samsung already release the upgrade become Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 with software firmware version i780PDXHL2. First before doing upgrade of i780 Firmware, we have to know our software version.

How to Know Samsung SGH i780 Software Firmware version?

We can see from the setting menu, but I will tell you how to open software version and other setting with shortcut number.
First, with phone keyboard, type : *#1546792*#


Choose [1] for version


Choose [2] for s/w version


You will see the detail software version of our Samsung SGH i780
If the version show i780PDXHL1, it mean the firmware version have to update to HL2, because HL1 still Windows Mobile 6.0

(this picture already taken at PDA which is already upgrade, so the version already i780PDXHL2, just continue install this step of firmware if your version is bellow HL2)

How to Upgrade Samsung SGH i780 Software Firmware version?

You have to know, when upgrade the PDA Samsung SGH i780 firmware, all data and files which is saved at internal memory will be erased, so make sure you already backup the content also the phonebook and everything. Also this step is finish and success at my Samsung i780, but I'm not responsible if this step is not success at yours, better to consult with Samsung Service Center if you are not sure about what you will do.

For upgrade the Firmware, we need a computer to connect with Samsung i780, we need a data cable and download the Activesync version 4.5, After download and install at computer, connect the computer with Samsung i780 using data cable. One important thing !, it's recommended to connect the computer with UPS for prepare if the home electricity suddenly down, or using laptop with full battery charge also recommended. Second important preparation is before upgrade, the Samsung i780 battery should at least 50% or more, better to charge until full before upgrade.

  1. Download Activesync from Microsoft ActiveSync website
  2. Install the Activesync at computer or laptop.
  3. Download the Samsung Modem Driver from Samsung Modem Driver Download Website
  4. Install the Samsung Modem Driver at computer or laptop.
  5. Download the firmware version i780PDAXHL2 from Samsung i780 Firmware update
  6. Check the battery of laptop and the battery of Samsung SGH i780, both have to be fully charge.
  7. Connect directly the Samsung i780 and computer with USB data cable.
  8. Make sure the Activesync status is Connected (between computer and i780)
  9. Execute the exe file of Samsung Firmware version (from number 5), with double click directly i780PDXHL2_Upgrader_XP.exe from windows explorer.
  10. Choose the language, tick all the necessary information and click “Verify Device” (shown at picture 2a bellow)
  11. The process will take several minutes, we can see from the progress bar process. Do not do anything until the progress telling “Download completed” (shown at picture 2b bellow)
  12. Finish.

After finish installing the firmware, you can disconnect the data cable and restart the Samsung i780. For some case, the Samsung have to be soft reset or maybe hard reset.
The firmware already saved at ROM, so don't worry, even we do hard reset, the firmware will not change back to HL1. We can free doing hard reset anytime we need.


Picture (2a)


Picture (2b)


I did not so sure about how many time from begining of installation untill finish, but as far as I remember from double click the Samsung  i780PDXHL2_Upgrader_XP.exe untill installation Completed was not more than 20 minutes.

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