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[Solved] How to Install Facebook and Whatsapp at iPad or iPhone with Old Version iOS ?

Until today there are several product that already release for iPad start from iPad 1 until the latest version now. This is also the same story with iPhone product. At the first time release every product will already have factory default operating system or firmware. After several years, the new version of Apple product will be release with the new version of operating system as well. For every user who have old version iOS, then Apple recommended to update the firmware to latest version, because if not updated then some applications at Apps Store will not run or ask us to update first. Therefore some users can not install Facebook or Whatsapp on their iPad / iPhone.


How to update Old iPad or iPhone iOS (operating system / firmware) ?

We need to prepare computer PC or MAC with iOS or with Microsoft Windows operating system. For Microsoft Windows, we already tested with Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 8.1+. Please follow this steps :

  1. Download iTune from : http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
  2. Install downloaded iTune into our computer
  3. Prepare the USB data cable for our specific product (iPad or iPhone)
  4. Connect the iPad or iPhone with USB Cable and Run the iTune application from our computer
  5. If we never use iTune before, we will ask to backup the content from our gadget.
  6. Follow the steps to Backup and Update


How Long Time to Upgrade iPad or iPhone IOS ?

The update process will very depending on Internet, because it will downloaded the iOS file source and extract to our computer iTune. For Backup all data content of our iPad or iPhone will take about less then 1 hours, this is depend on how many data we have. Overall if we want to backup, we should prepare our time for hours to finish this steps.

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