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How to Play YOUTUBE Without Adobe Flash with HTML5 at Internet Browser?

We can find many movie from Google Youtube.com, but by default we only can play Youtube with computer which already install Adobe Flash Player. Not all computer users know how to install Adobe Flash Player at our computer, also we need some time to download and install Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox Browser or Internet Explorer Browser or Apple Safari Browser or Opera Browser.

What is Fast Solutions to Play Youtube without Install Adobe Flash Player at Any Browser ?

Almost all popular browser which is created more than 2012 will have embeded HTML5 available to play web Audio and Video without need to install anything. Just install the browser then HTML5 is available with it. Now, we just need to tell youtube.com to play video with HTML5 for all video movie.

how to play youtube with html5 at without adobe flash player

  1. Open from browser to url: http://www.youtube.com/html5
  2. We will see from browser pageĀ YouTube HTML5 Video Player
  3. Click Request the HTML5 player fromĀ The default player is currently used location.
  4. Just open or search Youtube video as usual, then all Youtube video will be play with HTML5 player automatically.
  5. If we want to make browser player back to default with Adobe Flash Player, just repeat step number 1 until 3 again, and click Use default player option to stop our browser play movie with HTML5.

This steps are recommended if we does not have access to install Adobe Flash Player at our computer. But we also can use this step to play all Youtube video with HTML5 although we already have Adobe Flash Player at our computer.

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