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How to MAKE YOUTUBE FASTER Without Installing Other Software?

This is the fast and simple steps for everyone to make Youtube video run faster at our computers or at our smartphone. There are two big things that should consider, one is about related to our internet connection and the other thing is about how we setup our computer.

The Explanation about why Internet Connection related to Youtube.com faster?

Youtube.com is video streaming website, and as we know to the average video file size is more bigger than music or office data files. Therefor to run Youtube video, basically our computer need to download the files first to our computer, and then run the video to our monitor. The video streaming technology allow us to download peace by peace of video file and run it smoothly at our Internet browser. That is why we need to make sure our Internet data connection is fit to minimal requirement for downloading video.  Although if our home or office have some “mbps” of Internet bandwidth, but if you share that network, then maybe you will get small amount of bandwidth to download the video, that’s is why your video will run slowly or maybe you need more time to wait until the video run normal. Having said that, you need to make sure your Internet data connection is available to download the Youtube. We can not do anything to run Youtube more faster unless we have some enough Internet data connection.

Tweak Your Internet Browser for Running YOUTUBE without problem

After we make sure about the Internet data connection availability, then the other things we can do is setup your browser.

  • Please make sure you have not installed some 3th party plugin which need to access internet continuously, because this browser plug-in will slowdown our Youtube.
  • When we open Youtube Video, make sure the Quality of video is fit to what we need. But more small quality will make the video run faster, please choose it as what we need. For reference the video quality at 360p is good enough to run at 14 inches monitor display.

how run youtube faster

  • Activate YOUTUBE FEATHER BETA, this is the native Youtube facility that introduce by Google to help user run Youtube Faster, but we have to understand that this facility will not work 100% for all video, so we just need to activate it and hopefully it will help to make our video faster. Open https://www.youtube.com/feather_beta from our internet browser, and click Join the “Feather” button

youtube feather beta

By understanding and doing above step information, we know how to run Youtube more faster than before. At least we know why our Youtube video does not run smoothly in certain situations.


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