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How Easy to Install Whatsapp at Sony XPERIA C?

When the first time we activate Sony Xperia C, this phone does not have Whatsapp chatting application. We have to install the Whatsapp application from Google Play Store.

How to Install Whatsapp Chatting application from Google Play Store at our Sony Xperia C?

  1. Make sure we have enough free internal memory space at Sony Xperia C.
  2. Open Google Play Store application.
  3. At search field, please type whatsapp
  4. After find the correct whatsapp application, please press Install button and wait until the whatsapp application finish installing.
  5. You can choose Open or find the Whatsapp icon from application menu.

Please careful while choose whatsapp application from Google Play Store, because there are some fake or not original Whatsapp application at the Play Store list, therefore you have to make sure the application is from WhatsApp Inc.

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