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How to Easily Booting Windows 8 in Safe Mode?

When using previous Microsoft Windows version before Windows 8, there are some option to go while our Windows can not boot properly. At that version, we can press F8 to see some option for booting. But now when using Microsoft Windows 8, it will give other method to go to Safe Mode booting option.

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Stable Yahoo Messenger Software for Android
Post by: admin / Category : Gadgets

For users of Android, one of the things that users often complain is about native Yahoo Messenger problem at version 1.0.2, that is still not perfect. Some people will feel troubled by the force close or other problems such as not being able to the connect other than using Wifi. The problems were in fact not always happen to everyone, but most experiences give less good result for official version of Yahoo Messenger Andorid (version 1.0.2).

But for those of you who frequently use Yahoo Messenger, can try some other software that has support for chat Yahoo Messenger, one of which is Trillian. Right now Trillian is still in beta, but for the beta version, this software can be quite perfect. We already tried to Andorid version 1.6 and version 2.1, and this software stability is very good. Moreover, Trillian have push message, so that if our connection is lost, we still can receive the messages sent to people, and it will be push to our Andorid after the connection restored.

Find about Trillian from their website

Canon make The Bigest size of CMOS sensor in the world.
Post by: admin / Category : Gadgets

Canon make The Bigest size of CMOS sensor in the world.

During this time a lot of digital cameras either DSLR or Point and Shoot that uses two types of sensors, we call it as CMOS and CCD. Almost all digital cameras use one of this two sensors such as a primary medium for capturing the light that eventually transferred into a beautiful picture

Canon as one of the digital camera manufacturers have long used type CMOS sensors for digital cameras in particular types of DSLR, has now succeeded in producing CMOS sensors with size 202 x 205mm and is currently the world's largest size of CMOS sensor for digital cameras. Why exactly the greatest? Since the current average digital camera on the size of the CMOS sensor is 23 x 15 mm. Than we can imagine the difference is nearly 40 times. The magnitude of this sensor makes the detail of light that can be stored primarily on the lack of light conditions.

Canon managed to overcome the problems posed if measured in large sensor digital cameras, one major problem which is solved about processing time which need on for send data signal and received by the sensor, this can be faster because the design of circuits which developed by Canon.

Use For Online Car Information
Post by: admin / Category : Others

Everyone agree that advances in technology have made our life become increasingly easy. One of the great technology help is the internet. With the Internet, we can send mail much more quickly than before by using the post office. This is very useful because with email we can send text, photos or documents quickly from where we are. This is just an example, but we will get much more help with the internet such as internet banking, shopping online and others.

Everyone will agree that the internet has been very helpful for our work and our daily lives. But we still need the tools such rapid transport to take us from one place to another. We could use public transport such as buses or trains, but sometimes we need faster transportation than public transportation. If we need it, then owning a car is something that is not negotiable.

However, not everyone has a lot of money for buy a car which is expected. Therefore there is a solution that can be used to own a car with car loans. We can quickly have a car without having to wait for enough money, because with this loan system they will help our finances and our monthly payment can light gradually in accordance with the agreement.

Easy Way to Backup with mysqldump and Compression Together
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

MySQL database is one of the most popular used for either profit or nonprofit purposes, this occurs because the MySQL database server is open source and free for use by anyone. MySQL is also very popular by the internet user and the many servers hosting for the website.

In this article we will discuss how to perform backups of the database size from an internet server. The example : I would use is to perform backups, including the compression process with gzip in the Linux computer.


  • MySQL Database Server:
  • MySQL user: theuser
  • MySQL Password: thepassword
  • MySQL Database Name: thedata

Command at Linux Shell (I use Putty with SSH Protocol) :

mysqldump -u theuser -p -h - databases thedata | gzipped> mybackup.gz


  • U = username
  • P = password
  • H = hostname

Hopefully this article useful for all.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5, DSC-T99, DSC-TX9 First Look and Review
Post by: admin / Category : Gadgets

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5, DSC-T99, DSC-TX9 First Look and  Review

In mid-2010, Sony's back with new pocket cameras which is quite comfortable to use, such as Sony's previous production, this time Sony has also issued three new types of Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5, DSC-T99 and DSC-TX9. The third type is a pocket camera that is easy to use. Each camera has different specifications, one that distinguishes it is the sensor, the DSC-type camera and the DSC-TX9 WX5 has a 12.2MP resolution CMOS type sensor with Exmor type known to have rather low power consumption with the maximum image capture result. In addition, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5 also has a feature for video recording with full HD resolution, that is 1920x1080 AVCHD video (60i) and can also record sound in stereo for that video recording. For this type of Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T99, the resolution is 14MP CCD sensor with 14MP registration.

As usual, the camera Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5, DSC-T99 and DSC-TX9 use MS Pro Duo and SD / SDHC / SDXC to store photos. LCD screen of DSC-WX-5 and DSC-TX9 amounted to 2.8 inches makes us feel good to see a preview before shoot and review the results of this camera after shoot the object. For Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T99, the LCD screen as wide as 3.5 " and to access the menus on this camera through the LCD touchscreen directly.

3D Facility at Sony Cuber-Shot DSC-WX5 is the first new technology in digital cameras pocket type. With this 3D technology, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX5 can provide 3D output for vivid image, but this technology required to maximize the 3D TV and 3D glasses are also additional aid. Output from the camera is 3Dcompatible HDMI cable. Sweep Panorama is a 3D technology that existed at the camera DSC-WX5 for join multiple images simultaneously so as to produce from several angles of images.

Find Tech Fact Information from Internet
Post by: admin / Category : Others

Start from last 10 years, there are more and more company product a good gadgets. Currently changing times have created a variety of manufacturers make equipment that is useful to help human life. Technology also has made our lives become easier to do something. Because the number of companies that produce many gadgets then it will make the user have more options to choose the best equipment for they needs. The price is also vary, but of course that's depend on the brand, after sales and that product itself.

One things that really help the sales of gadgets that are normally review or survey information can be obtained from the Internet. Before people buy a product, usually the person will try to find as much information by browsing on the Internet. It is normal because people want to know more before they buy. Do you know IPad from Apple? This gadgets is very popular. The information about IPad are many at Internet. That's why many people have interested with this gadgets because the information and review from Internet.

We have been attending an Internet media company that helps manufacturers gadgets to get the best information technology surveys from professionals in the field. This will make the results of these reviews will become more perfect and trusted by prospective buyers. Tech Fact is a company that helps manufacturers gadgets to get someone who can give a review or a tech survey about the gadgets, after we joined the Tech-Fact, the team from the Tech-Fact will find professional survey-er which qualified to provide review to these gadgets.

Find How to Work Smarter with Mavenlink
Post by: admin / Category : Others

Are you one of people who believe that working harder can bring you to your success? Well, if you are, it is the right time for you to change your mind. You probably have understood that there are lots of business activities you should do in order to maintain your business growth. You probably have also realized that accomplishing all of those activities need efforts, time, and money which might influence the core of your business. This is the main reason why you need to work smarter instead of harder. 

If you are highly motivated to work smarter for your success, you will need to use a client management company. This company is able to provide comprehensive service which will improve your business and relationship with your clients. As you see at, there is a video explaining about the benefits of Work Smarter Not Harder. This video explains clearly about the facts that you will be able to save money, time, and efforts if you use a client management company. You will be free from making budget planning, proposal, marketing planning, and many more business activities. What you need to do is to entrust Mavenlink and let them to work for your benefits.  

Therefore, if you want to have better business, you can consider hiring this company. So, visit for further information. 

HP Laserjet 3055 Low Memory Problem while Send Fax
Post by: admin / Category : Gadgets

I have an HP 3055 laser printer. This is a printer with all-in-one function, that can be used for laser printers, scan through the glass and the feeder and also have function as a scanner. For the scanner we need the help of computers to provide command and specify the storage location. HP Laserjet 3055 is practically a reliable solution for small / home offices.

Problems for HP Laserjet 3055 Fax with Low Memory message when send fax more than one page (fax two pages or more)

This formerly very offending because we can not fax more than 1 page, the Printer Laserjet 3055 always said “Low Memory”, even I already sure that all data at memory already cleaned. It turned out that after looking at the manual, written that it probably due fax scanning results using a high resolution, so if we send a fax with full color on one page will result in the required more amount of memory to store the file before the fax is sent. Therefore lower resolution fax send it to the setting menu.

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