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How to Easily Booting Windows 8 in Safe Mode?

When using previous Microsoft Windows version before Windows 8, there are some option to go while our Windows can not boot properly. At that version, we can press F8 to see some option for booting. But now when using Microsoft Windows 8, it will give other method to go to Safe Mode booting option.

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Make Windows XP More Stronger With Service Pack 3
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

I have a Windows XP with service pack 2, after got a copy of Service Pack 3 then I need to update the Windows XP for become more better with Service Pack 3.  What is Service Pack 3? Windows XP Service Pack 3 or usually known as SP3  is a free update for everyone who use Windows XP and can be download at Microsoft Download Center. It includes all previously released Windows XP updates, also including security patch and updates, hotfixes for several problem and so on.

Why AVG Free Version 8 Can Not Update Virus Database Online or Offline ?
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

When installed the latest version of AVG 8 Free version, everything work fine. We can update regularly the AVG virus database with direct update with AVG engine or also can be update by download the update file (*.bin) for offline update.

Using WiFi for Home Data Connection
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

What is WiFi ? WiFi is the abbreviation of "Wireless Fidelity". At this time, there are so many places that already use WiFi as a medium for public wireless Internet access, either free or paid. We can find it at cafe or restaurant also public locations such as recreational park for families.

Using Latest Version of Yahoo Messenger for Chat - Voice Call - Webcam
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

Using Internet can help to do almost anything, especially for communication. First time I use internet, I usually use email for communicate to other user. With email we can send any files and text for message. But technology improve with new way to communicate, known as chatting.

Defrag Hard Disk Regularly With Fast and Easy Free Defragment Tool
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

If we have a lot of data and save at hard disk, one of the problem is about fragmentation. Harddisk save a lot of data in big or small size also we sometime delete and add new files at harddisk, this can make data separate to multiply sector of harddisk. Because data will fill blank sector first and if the blank sector is not enough than it will continue write to other blank sector which is sometime not always continuation of the first sector.

What is Google Desktop?
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

Google Desktop is a free software which is develop by Google team. This software have a lot of function, but one of the most important think that the ability to index all or some files in our harddisk, so next time after index progress finish, we can search any file faster than use Windows default tools such as Find at Windows.

How to Avoid The VBS Virus
Post by: admin / Category : Computers (IT)

Virus are really make computer user become inconvenience,  the development of the virus actually has been growing up. This is because now so easy to transfer data between one to other computer by using USB Flash disk or USB removable harddisk. Also now, there are more computer connected to internet, this is other way of virus to infect by network.

Transfering Camcorder Media Storage to Computer
Post by: admin / Category : Gadgets

Digital camera camcorder is a gadget which use to record video movie with some format and some store media to save the recorder. Starting with analog video tape, digital video tape, DVD-RW, memory card, and the latest is using harddisk to store the video record.

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